Cricket Coaching for Children in SW London

No matter what level your child is at, their enjoyment is key and we aim to provide fun, stimulating and inspiring sessions at all levels. Covering South West London we offer a tailor made service to suit our clients needs, whether that be in a school setting, 1-2-1 service or you would like Ballance Coaching to appear at your child’s birthday party, we can’t wait to coach them.


What Parents are Saying

Our Age Group Aims

Pre Preps (5-7 yrs)

  • Introduction to cricket, including the rules of the game.
  • Encouraging teamwork particularly in match play.
  • Initial development of basic skills; throwing, catching, batting, bowling.

Preps (8-10 yrs)

  • Introduction to a hard ball and pads.

  • Fine tuning their knowledge of cricket as a game, particularly during matches; encouraging decision making within their team.

  • Further development of cricket skills, creating a ‘muscle memory’ for batting and bowling to allow for consistency.

Seniors (11+ yrs)

  • Creating a knowledge and awareness for their own game.

  • Mastering a full range of cricket shots.

  • Encouraging tactical play in match situations.

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide sports specific specialist coaching across a multitude of sports for all ages. From building confidence and learning basic skills with our youngest students to fine tuning specifics for trials with our older students, here at Ballance Coaching we cover it all.