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Our son Rumi spent a few weeks over the summer playing cricket with Bruce. Whilst he had a lot of enthusiasm when he started, there was very little in terms of technique. After just a few lessons, his technique and understanding had improved considerably- and he had a great time in the process!

Havir (Father)

1 to 1 coaching with Bruce really helped with specific areas of batting which then went on to make a measurable difference in the games themselves.
Bruce is also a really great coach when it comes to group sessions and manages to keep the boys fully engaged and interested right the way through the session.

Robin (Father)

I like Bruces bowling machine and he plays fun games. Sometimes he plays pairs cricket which I LOVE!

Freddy aged 7

I do it all - batting, bowling and catching, but the best bit is playing.

Fred aged 7

Cricket is my favourite sport, I felt sad when I wasn't playing last term and now I'm very very happy.

Emily aged 5

I just love batting...Bruce is great!

Emily aged 5

If I had to choose a 4 hour laser tag birthday party or 1 hour cricket with Bruce, I would choose cricket with Bruce!

Harry aged 8

Bruce gives feedback by email on what each boy is doing well and what they need to improve, which is very useful. Looking forward to many coaching classes with Bruce.

Cecile A-D (mother)

I would thoroughly recommend Bruce to other parents looking for excellent cricket coaching for their children.

Anna Jordan (mother)

Benjamin attended Bruce’s coaching sessions on Clapham Common this summer. He had a thoroughly enjoyable week and learnt a lot. I was very impressed to later receive an email giving me full feedback on everything that Benjamin had achieved along with some very encouraging areas for improvement.

Anna Jordan (mother)

Bruce is such a talented coach. He not only coaches my children on how they can technically improve their cricket skills, he also helps them understand and love the game - which makes them want to play more and more

Anna Hyde (mother)

Bruce not only teaches cricket skills he instills a love of the game and an excitement to play.

Anna Hyde (mother)

I had never played cricket before and Bruce made it very simple and clear to understand basic moves and rules. I utterly enjoyed being taught by him.

Farhad aged 7

Ballance Coaching is really fun and Bruce is really nice. We improve whilst playing fun games.

Charlie aged 8

As a parent it's difficult to choose extra curricular activities with confidence but with Ballance Coaching I'm confident that my son is learning new skills and that in Bruce we've found a patient, caring and kind teacher that is passionate about his sport.

Kate Hill (mother)

Our 2 boys had their first lesson recently and can’t wait to go back for more!! They came home enthusiastic and keen to practice!

Isha (mother)

Bruce’s way with the kids is brilliant, combine that with top class and highly personalised coaching and it’s a winning combination. Our boys (ages 6 and 8) have come on leaps and bounds and it’s given them so much confidence and unbridled enthusiasm for Cricket!

Amit (father)

I recommend highly the coaching classes of Bruce Ballance. My two boys both love Bruce's coaching sessions, I feel that they are well taken care of, and the positivity of Bruce makes them motivated and wanting to do well and improve their skills.

Cecile A-D (mother)

Jack is always really excited to go to a Ballance Coaching session and enjoys every minute. His enthusiasm and appreciation for cricket has increased hugely from attending and his ability with bat and ball has noticeably improved.

Stuart (father)

Our son really enjoys the after school lessons with Bruce. His enthusiasm is contagious and I especially appreciate the very small class size.

Lucy (mother)

Fantastic coaching sessions, they are the highlight of my son’s week!  The small size of the group means that Bruce has plenty of time to spend with every child, really helping them with the key skills.  Bruce has a great way with the boys, they really listen and enjoy every minute.

Leah McCreanor (mother)


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