After School Clubs

Term time courses for children to improve their cricket.

Term Time Cricket Clubs for Children

Our weekly cricket club sessions at Ballance Coaching run throughout the year during term time. During these sessions our aim is to work on all 3 aspects of the game, batting, bowling and fielding. We use fun, motivating and exciting cricket coaching techniques to inspire each child to obtain their specific goals. The bowling machine is a favourite among all the children and this is incorporated in a practical way to assist each child with their batting. The final session of each term is a match play session allowing everyone to put their new found skills to the test.

Our Age Group Aims

Pre Preps (5-7 yrs)

  • Introduction to cricket, including the rules of the game.
  • Encouraging teamwork particularly in match play.
  • Initial development of basic skills; throwing, catching, batting, bowling.

Preps (8-10 yrs)

  • Introduction to a hard ball and pads.

  • Fine tuning their knowledge of cricket as a game, particularly during matches; encouraging decision making within their team.

  • Further development of cricket skills, creating a ‘muscle memory’ for batting and bowling to allow for consistency.

Seniors (11+ yrs)

  • Creating a knowledge and awareness for their own game.

  • Mastering a full range of cricket shots.

  • Encouraging tactical play in match situations.

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